copDon’t waive your rights to fair representation! Steven C. Mayer Attorney at Law is experienced in criminal defense and will thoroughly investigate your case and protect your rights.


Whether felony or misdemeanor, Steve doesn’t take any case lightly. Steve has represented many people facing misdemeanors and serious felony charges, building a reputation for skill, integrity, and aggressive defense of his client’s rights. From filing effective motions through every phase of negotiations or trial, Steve takes a concerted and comprehensive approach to each case. When you work with Steve he will personally keep you involved and informed as you count on his efforts.


prisonAny felony drug charge must be treated with seriousness and care. Convictions on a variety of drug offenses can bring a mandatory jail sentence — and the length of that sentence could be determined based on precisely where you were, who you are accused of selling to and any other specific factors in your case. Steve understands that your freedom and your future are at risk. Steve is prepared and will meet the challenge of defending you.


A DUI conviction could be disastrous! A DUI charge could mean an automatic suspension of your license as well as other penalties, depending on your history. If you face DUI charges, you need a lawyer who is dedicated to your cause and fully capable of defending your rights. Steve has handled many difficult DUI cases and as his client he will actively listen to your testimony as you describe the incident. Steve will act quickly and decisively on your behalf. Whether this is your first DUI charge, or you have had prior DUI offenses, Steve is prepared to handle your case. For a free consultation, call at 260-665-2606 or contact us online.


If you are facing allegations or being investigated for fraud, embezzlement or any other white collar crime, Steve will work hard and decisively to protect your rights. Steve has worked on many cases involving embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, etc. and has experience with challenging the prosecutor’s case. He can also negotiate a plea or a reduced sentence.


Nothing can be more devastating and heartbreaking than when your minor child runs into serious legal trouble. Steve will offer you honest, dependable advice to help protect his/her future. Steve is a dedicated criminal defense attorney and will do everything necessary in all processes to litigate on your child’s behalf.


Steve will work diligently on your behalf for post conviction relief. Talk to him about your situation and how he can help.


We all make mistakes. A past mistake does not have to stay on your record for the rest of your life. If a past conviction on your record is preventing you from finding employment or getting a professional license, it may be possible to remove these from your record with an expungement. Steve has helped many of his clients clear their records so that they can pursue a normal life.